Surfingin Tofino

Outside Magazine has named Tofino “The Surfing Capital of North America” and it’s no surprise to the locals. Tofino is a storm magnet. These storms, generated out in the Pacific, feed the local beaches with quality surf conditions all year round. From seasoned pros to those just looking to catch their first wave, surfing in Tofino will get you stoked!

Surfing in Tofino - Retreat to Pure, Natural Comfort

Tofino's sandy swath of beaches attracts thousands of surfing students every year – and for good reason.  Many great surf reporters and aficionados, such as Ben Marcus of Outside Magazine, often write about Tofino surfing, touting it as having the best beginner breaks in North America.

In fact Tofino hosts a plethora of surf breaks, each of them offering up a different surfing experience. The beauty of surfing in Tofino is having these options so close to each other. One beach may be firing on the same day that a nearby break is lousy. Take the time to learn the local surfing conditions and investigate as many surf-spots as possible. You can also check out the map of Tofino surfing beaches and the latest surfing report. Better still, ask our front desk here at Crystal Cove for some insider tips!

Don’t forget to pack your neoprene! The water is a cool, yet fairly constant 10°C/50°F, year-round making surfing an any-season activity in Tofino. Wetsuits are most definitely required and in winter, booties, gloves and hoods are essential! In the summer months, a steamer (long-sleeve and long-legged wetsuit) is still needed, but you can certainly let your hair, hands and feet get wet.

Tofino Surfing Schools, Shops & Gear Rentals
Tofino is rich with surfing schools, shops, gear, and surf experts. Lessons are available to everyone, from the kids to the whole family.

Here are some good surf schools/stores you can call ahead to reserve surfing equipment or lessons:

Live to Surf 

Guests of Crystal Cove Beach Resort enjoy a 10% discount off the regular rates for all surf lessons and rentals at Live to Surf.  Please tell them at the time you book your trip that you are staying with us in order to receive the reduced rate. Visit the Live to Surf website for more information.

Surf Sister 

Tofino has 15% more women surfers than most other surfing destinations - partly thanks to the Surf Sister school. Surf Sister is here to provide a hassle-free, safe, and supportive learning environment for women of all ages.

Crystal Cove is Your Best Base For Surfing in Tofino 

Tucked in among beautiful gardens, against towering ancient cedars and stunning panoramic views of the beaches, Crystal Cove is one of Tofino’s best-kept secrets for surfers from all over the world.

Self-contained log cabins made from local cedar and stunning, internationally renowned gardensare just a couple of the big attractions to this little known jewel that has become the hub for the travelling surf community, from the never-ever to the professional!

Crystal Cove is the surfing destination for those eco-adventurers who live for surfing, the sea, fishing and pristine beaches. The natural log cabins with fireplaces, hot tubs and a classic home-style feel - which are perfect for winding down and warming up your body after a long day at play - are nestled into the most stunning natural settings on earth.

Each cabin also has a fully-equipped kitchen so you can make your favourite snacks to take to the beach and a hot meal to warm up afterward.  There’s even a wet suit wash so your board and suit will be clean and ready to head back to the beach when you are.

If you are ready for one of the most unique surfing experiences of your life, in one of the most pristine environments on the planet, make your reservation today at Crystal Cove Beach Resort: 1-877-725-4213.