About Crystal Cove Beach Resort

A search for accommodation in Tofino will have you contemplating an exhaustive list of options. At Crystal Cove Beach Resort, we recognize this and aim to provide you with an alternative to hotel rooms and bed and breakfasts. Our unique, beachside cabins have been built to accommodate your individual needs, with several different floor plans, well appointed kitchens, fireplaces, hot tubs and beach views. Our well treed, private, fully serviced RV sites are a great way to camp in style.

From your arrival on the property to your final morning at Crystal Cove, your
entire family will experience the attention to detail, friendliness and effective organization that we pride ourselves on.

Our proactive approach to the environment ensures you feel good about where you stay, while enjoying the beautiful surroundings in absolute comfort.

For most pet owners, your dog is a member of your family, and an avid fan of the beach. Our entire resort is pet friendly, and with beach access, a dog wash station and pet towels and blankets available in your cabin, your dog will leave Crystal Cove as relaxed as you do.

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