Our History

In the spring of 1979, Hector Bodchon opened Crystal Cove Beach Resort as a small campground with the dream of developing the property into a year round resort. His vision was to maintain the natural beauty of the land, while featuring a balanced mix of log cabins and campsites. Over the next several years Hector spent his winters expanding the camping on the property. In the winter of 1983, he added his first log cabins, appropriately numbered 1, 2, and 3.

For the next several years more beachfront cabins were erected, each somewhat unique in design, and each with a very unique view of Mackenzie Beach. The popularity of the cabins was immediate. Returning guests became the backbone of the business, and many would book their favorite cabin by its number. As the years passed and more cabins were built, it became obvious to Hector that it would be difficult to renumber the cabins as it would confuse past guests. As such, part of the uniqueness of the resort is the numerical order of the cabin layout.

During the summer of 1995, Hector sold Crystal Cove Beach Resort to two couples who have continued to build upon his dream. The resort now boasts 34 log cabins, 60 full serviced RV sites and 9 RV glamping units. They have been careful to create an atmosphere of relaxing privacy that is appealing to both romantics and families alike and each new design of cabin has been built to meet the needs of discerning travelers. The current owners also realized that the property is indeed a special place and have spent years creating the magical gardens that now highlight the natural beauty of the property. And not to be forgotten, they have developed an excellent working atmosphere for their staff, and it is very apparent from the endless smiles guests receive while staying at Crystal Cove Beach Resort.