Thu, 2012-11-15 11:02 -- siteadmin

Have you tried a "wet hike"?

One of our favourite winter activities to enjoy while visiting the Pacific Rim National Park is to go on a “wet hike”.  A wet hike is simply a hike in the rain!  Put on your Tofino Tuxedo and get ready to get lost in the sights and smells of a temperate rainforest in the winter.  On a wet hike you can enjoy the sound of falling rain, while staying a little protected from it thanks in part to the thick canopy the gigantic trees provide.  Step carefully as the wet boardwalks will be a little slippery from the rain.

This lovely shot of one of our boardwalks is from the Raincoast Education Society website.  Click here for more photos and info.

The boardwalk hikes in the Pacific Rim National Park make it easy for all people to immerse themselves literally in the middle of a living forest - one of them is even wheelchair accessible.  There are also interpretive signs along a lot of the boardwalk hikes sharing information with visitors on what makes our temperate rainforests so special, unique and complex.  The Parks Canada website has a great write-up about the Pacific Rim National Park, including a "Rainforest Recipe".  Click here to check out their site.  If you'd like to enjoy a "wet hike" while staying with us be sure to ask at the front desk and we'll provide you with a map of the trails and boardwalks in the park.