Updates, news and Tofino happenings from the crew at Crystal Cove Beach Resort.

Sat, 2017-09-02 11:27

It’s no secret that Tofino is home to some of Canada’s best surfing beaches. We have miles of sandy strips with endless waves lapping at the neoprene covered toes of those looking for a thrill. As the town starts to settle from the busy summer season, and the winter swells begin to move in, it’s time to play again.

Mon, 2017-06-19 16:21

Kids activities in TofinoNeed some ideas of activities for kids and families in Tofino or Ucluelet?  In addition the family-friendly features at Crystal Cove, we have a handy little list to get you started!

Tue, 2017-01-10 14:03

Approximately 27 nautical miles northwest of Tofino lies Maquinna Provincial Park and Hot Springs Cove.  These hot springs are naturally occurring, geothermal springs that are completely unaltered.  You literally sit down among the rocks, relax, and enjoy.  The water pours out of the rocks, over a waterfall, and down through a series of rock pools, meeting the open ocean at the bottom.  The temperature of the water as it comes out of the rocks can be as high as 109oC (228o

Wed, 2014-06-25 12:11

Referred to locally as PRNPR, or simply The Park, Pacific Rim National Park is one of the most beautiful areas of Canada.

Pacific Rim National Park

Wed, 2014-05-07 13:45

Tofino, British Columbia is one of the best surf towns in North America with world-class salmon fishing, surfing, whale watching, kayaking, beachcombing, and hiking.

In this video, two indie BC filmmakers (Sean Horlor & Steve Adams) charter a floatplane, helicopter, and private plane for a flightseeing tour of Pacific Rim National Park, Barkley Sound, Vancouver Island, Victoria, the Gulf Islands, and Vancouver. With only two nights in Tofino, their choice of accommodation was an oceanfront cabin at Crystal Cove Beach Resort.

Fri, 2013-05-03 15:27

For the entire month of May Tofino will join in celebrating FeastBC with our very own Feast Tofino month-long festival that showcases boat-to-table cuisine!

This month of May is packed full of mouthwatering events and special set menus at different local restaurants (some even with guest chefs), movie screenings, cooking lessons, the very popular dockside festival and even a day of backroad dirt biking followed by a wild gourmet BBQ!

Thu, 2013-04-04 15:06

Another wonderful Pacific Rim Whale Festival has come and gone from our communities here on the west coast and a lot of fun was had by all!  One of the many great things about Whale Fest is the events put on are meant to not only be fun and educational, but also to share our love and respect of nature. 

Us west coasters are very blessed to live, and make a living, in what is probably one of the most pristine eco-systems in all of the world, and we are reminded every time we walk out of our doors how lucky we are by all of the natural beauty that surrounds us.

Thu, 2013-02-28 12:33

It’s official - the first grey whales of the season were spotted off the coast of Tofino last week and word was spread quickly around town via Facebook and Twitter (isn’t technology wonderful sometimes!?).

For us here on the west coast the return of the whales also signifies the returning of spring, and we couldn’t be happier to know that daylight saving is just around the corner and the days are getting longer and brighter.  Another sign of spring for us at Crystal Cove is all of our crocus’ that are popping up and blooming around the property.

Tue, 2013-02-05 14:28

Love is patient

Love is kind, and envies no one.

Love is never boastful,

Nor conceited, nor rude;

Never selfish

and not quick to take offence.

Love keeps no score of wrongs;

Does not gloat over another’s sins,

But delights in the truth.

There is nothing love cannot face;

There is no limit to its faith…

Its hope…

Fri, 2012-12-21 16:22

It’s December 21st – are you ready for Christmas yet?  Here at Crystal Cove not only have our stockings been hung with care but a number of other decorations as well.  There are lights on the buildings and in the trees, and a tree in the office beautifully decorated by our manager’s wife.